Welcome to Cube Defence!

  1. Choose a Username.
  2. Click on a defence structure button (bottom left) to select it, then click on the grid to build it.
  3. Don't let the Cubes get past the grid!!!
  4. Current Objective: Beat the High Score!

High Scores
Rank Name Score Wave Date
1Czech_Refugee495062013-06-02 21:58:05
2Czech_Refugee489062013-06-03 00:37:19
3Czech_Refugee473862013-06-03 00:10:56
4Czech_Refugee471562013-06-03 00:41:08
5kidquick465962013-04-15 14:45:24
6kidquick464362013-04-15 14:50:35
7iaps442062014-05-11 06:37:19
8Czech_Refugee431462013-06-02 23:36:32
9iaps428262013-04-13 14:42:24
10Czech_Refugee426162013-06-03 00:52:09